This season we welcome a second Haslemere team, Haslemere Masters’, and Trojans from the Wessex Masters’ League and we say farewell to Amersham & Chalfont Vintage.  Hopefully the latter will be back next season.  Thus, we have 13 teams, meaning that a team gets a bye each week.  If players from these teams want to play for others who may be short of players they can make this fact known via the website ( OR if there is an age-eligible team in the region that would like to make up the numbers, please let me know.


Teams that are short of players should keep an eye out for any announcements on the website or they may wish to contact the team with a bye and ask if any of their players want a game.  The intent is to play regular friendly hockey between teams of similar age and ability.


Amendment to the age rule


Currently the Rule reads:

The Alliance is a “League” of friendly fixtures. The aim is to play enjoyable and evenly matched games between teams made up of Over 50’s players.

No objection will be made to players under that age as long as they are of a similar ability and approach. THEY SHALL NUMBER NO MORE THAN 2 WITH NO ONE UNDER 45, except the goalkeeper if that is unavoidable’.


The NEW Rule regarding under-age players wef season 2019/2020 adds to the above as follows:


If, in order to field the requisite number of players, a Team Captain needs to select under-age players, then AGREEMENT of the opposition should be obtained BEFORE the game proceeds. And if under-age players are selected to play in preference to age-eligible players who are on the subs’ bench, then the under-age players should only play for half the game, allowing the age-eligible players to also play for half the game’.


Captains should ensure that umpires are made aware of this rule amendment.


Fixture Card 2019 – 2020


In order to accommodate all teams playing each other ‘home and away’ the season will start on 21 September 2019 and end on 4 April 2020 with the Gerald Eve Tournament and WSFA AGM at Haslemere (the latter date subject to agreement with Iain Lynch).


Teams are encouraged to fulfil all their fixtures but there are NO penalties for failing to do this.  Dates / venues may be changed by mutual agreement but please ensure you give sufficient notice to the opposition so that no unnecessary costs are incurred. Postponed games may be played on mutually agreed alternative dates. In these situations please keep the webmaster and the undersigned informed.



Sheet 1 of the spreadsheet contains all the fixtures.  It is a simple task to sort on the home column followed by the date and extract your own team’s opposition; repeat the exercise using the ‘Away’ column and date.  The Ref Nos. except 13 / 14 give an indication of the strength of the opposition last season which may help Captains when selecting their own teams.   Please give a copy of this document to whomsoever is responsible for Fixtures in your Club and advise times of your home games to your opposition as soon as you know them.  Then confirm your games two weeks prior to each game throughout the season. The times will not be put on the website in case they are changed at the last minute. Please note that where your opposition is travelling more than 40 miles to play, the time of your home game should ideally start between 12 noon and 1500 hours.  A mileage chart showing approx. distance between clubs is enclosed.





Subscriptions were increased at the AGM from £10 per team per season to £15 per team per season. Please pay £15 to RJ & MR Kenwrick Nationwide BS; Sort Code 070116, Account No 29521720 referencing your payment with your Team’s name. This money goes towards the upkeep of the website. This should be paid by 21 September 2019. Thanks to Guildford Gondoliers who have already paid.

Also please advise the webmaster and the undersigned of the address of your home ground with Post Code; your team colours together with details of your Captain / Administrator / Nominated member with e-mail addresses and phone numbers. 




It would be much appreciated if someone could volunteer for the vacant position of Assistant Organiser.  Duties are far from onerous but would mean we have a back-up in the event of me being away or unavailable. And it would be helpful if you would nominate a member from each team to take general responsibilities for communication etc.


Finally, it would be appreciated if weekly results could be emailed or sent to my mobile phone on Saturday evening by both teams (to ensure accuracy)! (07770 823026). Alternatively you can get a password from Webmaster George Oliver and post the results on the website yourselves ( The number of goals scored isn’t required; simply a Win, Loss or Draw.  An index of your success is maintained on the website.


Every good wish for the Season ahead.





Rob Kenwrick

Organiser, Wessex SuperVets Fixtures Alliance

Playing Regular Friendly Hockey’