Rules for our 13th Season 2014 - 2015

NB Rule Change wef 1 September 2014; see England Hockey Web-site.

The Alliance is a “League” of friendly fixtures. The aim is to play enjoyable and evenly matched games between teams made up of Over 50’s players.

No objection will be made to players under that age as long as they are of a similar ability and approach. THEY SHALL NUMBER NO MORE THAN 2 WITH NO ONE UNDER 45, except the goalkeeper if that is unavoidable.

Results of each match are to be advised by BOTH team captains or designated official, by email to Rob Kenwrick by 6pm on SUNDAY EVENING please.

(, with a copy to the Web-master, George Oliver (

No account will be taken of goals scored / conceded. 3 points will be awarded for a win and 1 point each for a draw. Your success rate will be calculated by dividing the points by the number of games completed. A Results Chart will be maintained on the Alliance Website.

Please try to avoid cancelling games. If you are short of players please try to find suitable stand-ins. Your opposition may be able to help.

The WSFA meeting on 12 March 2011 (clarified at meeting on 4 May 3013) agreed that if a game is cancelled after 2200 hrs on Thursday prior to the Saturday when the game is scheduled to be played then the game would be treated as a 'win' for the opposition; in addition the WSFA committee would support the invoicing by the opposition of unavoidable pitch and catering costs to the cancelling club. It would however be expected that there would be active communication in the run-up to the Thursday evening deadline, and every effort should be made to play the fixture or postpone it to a mutually convenient date rather than cancel it.

Please note: It isn’t possible to treat any cancelled game as a ‘win’ for the opposition (see text in italics in the box above). Instead clubs are encouraged to postpone the game to a mutually convenient date rather than cancel. Everything else in the box above applies.

Any rearrangement of fixtures is to be advised to Rob Kenwrick.

It is agreed that a Founder Club Epsom Vagabonds may elect to play their home games on grass. However, from season 2003/04 new members have been asked to provide Astro pitches for all games.

The Alliance is to run alongside the Wessex League proper with free movement between the two if required. The Alliance will accept any side from the Wessex League who for reasons of age feel they need to play in a less competitive environment. Similarly if any Alliance side by virtue of retirements or other reasons takes in a number of younger players they will be accepted into the Wessex League proper (numbers permitting) regardless of their success or otherwise in the Alliance the previous year.

These Rules are purposely being kept simple. Clubs are asked to ensure their umpires make comments early enough in a game to set the standards required. However, should a problem of a disciplinary or other matter arise that a club feels has to be referred to the Alliance formally, details should be sent to the Organiser. He will consult with the Chairman and/or the Nominated Member(s). If it is considered the matter is sufficiently serious each club will be asked for their views before action is taken, otherwise the decision of the organising officers will be final.

Chairman: Peter Colwill; 07730 469 678

Organiser: Rob Kenwrick (pro tempora for this coming Season); 0118 979 1002 or 07770 823026

Vacancy (Assistant Organiser) (If you are interested please talk to Rob Kenwrick)

Nominated Member: James Larcombe, 07986 708741

Nominated Member: Tim Tennent, 07887 552071

Dated 26 August 2014