Rob and all

For the record Amersham & Chalfont Vintage are struggling raise a dedicated over 50’s squad,

so for the second year running I shall be running a Development Squad - A&C 7 (last year A&C 6) in MBBO Open League - Division 9.

Overall it is highly unlikely we will be re-joining the Alliance in the short term.

That said we have had a local team fold so we may get some suitable players from them and also another local strong side has voiced an interest in joining forces with A&C for the occasional over 50’s game.

And of course we will look to raise a squad for the Haslemere tournament.

We are, as is everyone, also unsure what Covid 19 will do to our playing numbers and squads.

What I am saying is we will not return this season but we hope to play the occasional game, we will give any teams a few weeks’ notice if we have a squad available so please do not book us any pitch time at your venue for the moment.

Good luck All.


James L