WESSEX SUPERVETS’ FIXTURES ALLIANCE      AGM            1.00 p.m.  Saturday 5th. April, 2014  The Cricketers, Bagshot 


1.         Apologies from all, except those present who were: Paul Bloomfield (Woking Pitts), Peter Colwill (Chairman -  Amersham & Chalfont), Rob Kenwrick (Assistant Organiser  - Wokingham), James Larcombe (Organiser - Winchester), Bob Middlemiss (Epsom).


2.         Minutes from AGM 4 May 2013: accepted in faith.


3.         Retrospective of season 2013-14:


a.         Club representatives present made brief reflections, which are included somewhere in the following points:

-           Remember that the WSFA ethos is ‘playing regular friendly hockey’ and not win at ‘all cost’ attitude.

-           If one side is short of a player and the other side has a spare substitute, then offer the extra player.

-           If the score at half time is 4 or more to nil, then let the winning side switch the forwards and backs to make a game of it. No team wants to walk off after a total drubbing.

-           Some teams have requested the WSFA play more games.  Others have said let’s honour the ones in the fixture list and not extend the season. Also it is likely more postponements would occur.

-           If team have to postpone a fixture this must be done before the Thursday of the Saturday in question.

-           If the postponed fixture cannot be played before the end of the season the points are not shared.

-           If the fixture was postponed too late by one team and then could not be played before the end of the season the points are not shared.


b.         E-mails from Clubs were read:

-           Iain Lynch (Haslemere) very kindly offered a WSFA one day tournament before or after the season. This was warmly received but the later date was strongly recommended. Suggested dates: Sat.  4 or Sun. 5 April 2015 (Easter) or Sat 11 April 2015 subject to Haslemere agreement.

-           John Spencer (Southampton) asked whether the number of teams is being reduced. If so, please could everyone play each other twice? Happily, the team list will be broadly the same as the fixture list in 2013-4.

-           Phil Moody (Southampton) applauded the times when matches were honoured with teams playing (home or away) with less than 11 players because the gaps were filled in by the squad which had spare players (see above second point a.) Even playing 10 a side is better than cancelling a fixture.  Southampton lost three home fixtures through opposition saying they could not raise a side.  These points were well received.

-           Howard Pollard (Havant) there are some squads that have struggled to raise a side every week, how about an over 60’s Alliance?  This was discussed and sadly it was thought to be unworkable.  There would not be the numbers to sustain it.


c.         Looking forward.


4.         Election of WSFA Committee Members:


(i)         Chairman: Peter Colwill

(ii)        Organiser: Rob Kenwrick (pro tempora for this coming Season)

(iii)       Assistant Organiser: tba

(iv)       Webmaster: George Oliver

(v)        Nominated Member: James Larcombe

(vi)       Nominated Member: Tim Tennent


5.         Numbers of teams for 2014-5: Thankfully the number 15 remains the same


6.         AOB

-           Thanks to Keith Hunt (Reading) for his time on the Disciplinary Committee as he steps down.

-           There have been no disciplinary issues whatsoever in 2013-4. What a friendly bunch of players we are!

-           Thanks to George Oliver for his work on the Website.  It was voted unanimously to contribute £10 per team in the coming season to cover the cost of the website domain and George’s good services.

-           Thanks to James Larcombe for his work over the past three years. 

-           Thanks to Rob Kenwrick for administration of the Fixture List and weekly updates of the Alliance Table.


With all good wishes,                                                                                                                        29 April 2014

James Larcombe         jlarcombe@psc.ac.uk             01962 622069             07986 708741