Notes of the meeting of the Wessex Supervets Fixtures Alliance held at the Cricketers’ Bagshot 13th March 2010 18:45 to 20:00.


Present: Joe Dunn (Woking), Jeremy Holt (Guildford), Roy Furness (Poly), Keith Hunt (Reading), Paul Bloomfield (Woking), Peter Colwill (Amersham & Chalfont) and Tim Tennent (Epsom)


Apologies: Oxford Hawks, Oxted, Rob Kenwrick (Wokingham) and possibly some others I have not remembered.


Minutes of previous meeting: these were circulated and the only matter raised, not covered elsewhere, was that of discipline. There had been one incident in the year where the clubs involved had invoked the ruling of their respective affiliated body and the WSFA had found this acceptable.


Results: the results to 6th March were circulated.  It was noted that the weather had played an unusual feature this year and that some games had been rearranged to be played after Easter but that not all fixtures would be played.

Within this heading, we again discussed the rule introduced to penalise a club failing to play a fixture who were unwilling to negotiate a replay date. It had been proposed by Wokingham that this rule be removed.  After some discussion there was not a majority of those present who agreed to remove the rule.  It will therefore stand for another year. It was noted that there had not been a week when this rule was invoked this year but that some rearranged games had not been played due to adverse weather conditions.


It was emphasised that the points scoring is to provide and indication of the success of a club within the Alliance rather than to create a “winner”.


Officers: Rob Kenwrick has agreed to take over as the WSFA Organiser, and Peter Colwill agreed to remain as Chair. Tim Tennent and Keith Hunt agreed to remain as the co-opted members if a disciplinary matter was to be referred. George Oliver has agreed to continue to run the web site.


Reorganisation: Jeremy Holt of Guildford has raised the suggestion of putting our fixtures more formally onto Fixtures Live and offered to help with this. Not all our clubs use Fixtures Live. After some discussion is was left to encourage clubs to put their home fixtures onto Fixtures Live and to include the venue and time. Results and contacts will continue to be managed through the WSFA web site.


New Clubs: Keith Hunt indicated that it is now unlikely that Reading would be running another side that would fit into the WSFA.

The meeting discussed the emails that had been circulated about the Kent Veterans Hockey League.  It was felt that most of the clubs involved were too far to travel. Contact would, however, be instigated with Reigate, Surbiton and Cheam and any other London League over 50 club that might be struggling within that set up.

Over 60’s hockey. Jeremy Holt said that there would soon be enough hockey players over 60 who might prefer to play on an over 60 set up.  Although the meeting agreed that it was not yet time for the WSFA to go in that direction, it was left to note this topic to keep the matter before the WSFA in the future.


With a vote of thanks to Tim Tennent for organising over the last few years, the meeting closed at 8pm.


Tim Tennent

14th March 2010.